Boise Cities Krav Maga

Adult Classes

As an adult your looking for a great way to get in shape while also building your personal self defense skills. Every class you come to will push your physical and personal limits! Our team is humble, professional, and has been teaching or over 20 years!


11-14 YEar Olds

Teens have a unique learning curve. They need to be pushed but also nurtured. Our amazing instructors accomplish both. Your teen will be pushed in a way that they are having fun, getting fit, and building their confidence! 

Kids Classes

6 - 10 year olds

Are you looking for a program where your child will learn discipline, self control, respect and REAL self defense skills? Our program does all of that in a fun and safe environment! We developed the kids curriculum for Krav Maga.  Our program discourages bullying and allows your child to have options when defending themselves. 

Little Dragons


If your little warrior is full of energy and needs a positive outlet then our LD classes are for them. We utilize many different training methods and equipment to make learning coordination, exercise, and self defense fun! 

warrior fit

Our Warrior Fit Classes are amazing workouts. No two classes are ever the same. Each class follows the HIIT High Intensity Interval Training format. You will burn on average 600-900 calories per class. These classes can include the following types of equipment: Hanging Heavy Bags, sledge hammers, medicine balls, sandbags, kettlebells, battle ropes, and much more!

Firearms classes

Building your families self defense package may include firearms training. We offer classes in all areas of firearms. Each class is designed to build your safety and self defense mindset. Please see our Firearms page for more information. 

What are you waiting for?

signup for your 2-week trial program!

The best way to get started is thru our 2-week trial offer. For children this offer includes a private lesson, T-shirt, and two weeks of group classes. For adults this includes a T-shirt and two weeks of group classes. 


16 years old and up
$ 29
  • 2 weeks of Group Classes
  • Unlimited Classes During Trial
  • Free T-shirt


12 - 15 years old
$ 29
  • 2-weeks of Group Classes
  • Unlimited Classes During Trial
  • Free T-shirt


5 - 11 years old
$ 29
  • 1 PRIVATE Lesson
  • 2-weeks of Group Classes
  • Free T-shirt