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Group Gun class

Group Lessons

Our group lessons are designed for the average citizen who wants to learn to be safer and more effective with a firearm. Our classes are all at a local outdoor range. We offer classes from beginning handgun, rifle, and shotgun thru advanced training. All of our classes are designed with the self defense mindset. We offer team building events for corporations as well.

private gun client

Private instruction

Private firearms instruction is available for individuals or small groups and corporate events. The obvious advantage to a private lesson Is one on one instruction with the Instructor. These classes can be tailored to a specific skill set or level of training.

Upcoming Classes

First Aid Fundamentals Friday & Saturday Nov 10&11

CPR & AED Cert Saturday Nov 11 1PM-5PM!


Click here for more info and to register!

Click here for more info and to register!
This class is for anyone who wants to earn their Idaho Enhanced Conceal Carry Permit. In this classroom event we will cover Idaho law as it pertains to self defense and firearms. You will cover the USCCA curriculum as well as have change to practice decision making and stress inoculation with our firearms simulator program. At the successful completion of this class well as the live fore portion (Defensive Handgun One Good for 6 Months) you will receive your certificate of training to apply for your ID ECCWP!