After School Programs


We are excited to partner with your child’s school and bring our amazing Self Defense and child development program.  Our classes will be physical, fun, and a great outlet after a rigorous school day. Each class will focus on a new skill as well as drills designed to push your child’s agility,  eye hand coordination, strength, conditioning, and self defense skills. 

By building your child’s confidence we improve their focus, listening, behavior, physical coordination and abilities. 

Our classes will focus on all the benefits of martial arts with an emphasis on actual self defense and anti-bullying. 

Classes will meet after school one day per week. You are always welcome to watch, but will not need to be there for pickup until after the class is complete. 

Classes meet on a pre-determined day and run for the entire school year barring any normal school closure days. Each month the tuition will roll over to the next month. If you need to cancel or pause your child’s tuition you will need to give us 15 days email notice before the next payment processes. By enrolling your child in this program you accept and understand the terms. 

If your child misses a class they can make up the class for free at our facility in Eagle for free. 

Please click your schools initial or renewal link (above, left) to register them!