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Group Lessons

Our group lessons are designed for the average citizen who wants to learn to be safer and more effective with a firearm. Our classes are all at a local outdoor range. We offer classes from beginning handgun, rifle, and shotgun thru advanced training. All of our classes are designed with the self defense mindset. We offer team building events for corporations as well.

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Private instruction

Private firearms instruction is available for individuals or small groups and corporate events. The obvious advantage to a private lesson Is one on one instruction with the Instructor. These classes can be tailored to a specific skill set or level of training.

Upcoming Classes

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How would you protect your life or your families when there is little to no light. Do you have the training needed to protect your family against a home invasion or threat in the dark. We will work no light, and low light training and how to utilize night sites, handheld flashlight, and weapons mounted lights in conjunction with your firearm. 

This class will include basic room clearing and movement through a mock shoot house. We will be explaining the use of cover vs concealment and how to use shadows and objects to your advantage.  There will be both live fire and dry fire training evolutions to help engrain the techniques and movements. 

The pre-requisite for this class is that you must have taken any level one pistol/rifle/or shotgun class with us in the past. 

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Are you interested in acquiring your Idaho Concealed Carry Weapons Permit through actual hands on training, video and physical scenarios, live fire training, hands on instruction and correction, gear selection, knowing the law and your rights, as well as how to protect your family in the traumatic events that follow a firearms related incident? 

If so then you will want to take our two part Idaho Enhanced CCW class. Our class far exceeds the Idaho Standards for earning your CCW permit. We strive for the highest level of excellence in our training and this class will be no exception. 

There are many places to get your CCW, but this the only place that offers the depth of training and knowledge that we provide.  


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