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Group Lessons

Our group lessons are designed for the average citizen who wants to learn to be safer and more effective with a firearm. Our classes are all at a local outdoor range. We offer classes from beginning handgun, rifle, and shotgun thru advanced training. All of our classes are designed with the self defense mindset. We offer team building events for corporations as well.

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Private instruction

Private firearms instruction is available for individuals or small groups and corporate events. The obvious advantage to a private lesson Is one on one instruction with the Instructor. These classes can be tailored to a specific skill set or level of training.

Upcoming Classes

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SaturdayApril 17th 10AM – 1PM

We are excited to announce our first kid and teen firearms course. This course is designed to teach responsible kids and teens the proper handling, safety, and operation of a firearm. This will also be a great bonding experience for the parent and child. We require that every child or teen must have an adult present and participating in the class. You will act as an additional safety officer for your child on the range. 

We will be operating the class with 22 caliber rifles and pistols. All students will learn the Four Pillars of firearms training. Stance, Grip, Sight alignment and Trigger press along with many other valuable lessons. 

The class will last three hours and will take place at our training facility Double Tapp Range just outside Boise. You will need to supply your own 22 caliber ammunition as well as eye and ear protection for every member of the family who will be on the range. We will supply the firearms unless you have your own 22 caliber firearm then you may bring that to the range. We will be working both paper and steel targets on the outdoor range.

This class will be limited to the first 12 students who sign up and are approved by Mr Durocher to attend. Your child or teen must be between 11-14 years old. We are looking for extremely responsible, disciplined and great listening children. This would be a great reward to those kids and teens who have worked hard to maintain their schoolwork and are self disciplined at home. 

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For all those who took AR Rifle Alpha this is the class for you. We will be working from daylight into night and building all of the skills from the last class. You won’t want to miss this one. 

This class will begin with a full review of Alpha Rifle then move into the following topics. 



Strong and Support Side Firing

CQB and distant engagements


Rifle to Pistol Transitions

Single Hand Shooting 

Low Light Work with Flashlight 

To participate in the class you will need the following: 

AR Rifle (200 Rounds of Ammo)

Rifle Sling 

Weapons mounted light

Handgun (50 Rounds of ammo)

Handheld Flashlight 

Rifle Sight Adjustment Tool

Knee Pads (recommended) 

Chem Light / Glow Stick

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